Repairs and Restoration

Repair, Restoration and Refurbishment of old timber sash windows

Repair, refurbishment or replacement of timber sash windows, in ‘protected’ structures, should only be undertaken after consulting with the Conservation Officer in your Local Council.

This work requires skilled craftsmen, takes a lot of time and sometimes can even cost as much as replacing the old timber window with a new one. This repair and refurbishment work can be carried out  as described below.

  • Remove the staff beads, the lower sash, the parting beads and the top sash
  • Remove excess paint
  • Replace cords and pulleys
  • Replace broken or missing putty
  • Replace any faulty catches or lifters
  • Re-hang the sashes and check weight balance for adjustments required
  • Leave windows working easily
  • The sashes and beads are grooved (or routed), to take a small channel, into which we can fit a draught excluder all round the sashes. This reduces draughts and thus, also reduces both noise and rattle.

View some of the work we have carried out and see the results for yourself.

In order to cost this work, a site visit is essential, for which there is no charge. Please contact us, if you wish such a visit.