At we supply windows in hardwood and softwood, as well as in “Heritage” PVC and aluminium:

  • Timber sash windows
  • Heritage” slimline PVC sash windows
  • Aluminium sash windows

Timber Sash Windows

When replacing windows in a “Protected Structure”, it is now a requirement of planning law, that only materials, identical to the originals, can be used, once permission has been sought and granted by the Local Authority.

For new buildings, we supply both PVC sash windows, as well as new timber sash windows in a hard word, such as Iroko Teak. For soft wood timber windows, we usually supply Honduras Pitch Pine.

Even where there is no “protected structure” issue, many people are so fond of the ‘look and feel’ of timber, that timber it must be, whatever about the maintenance bother.

In “protected” buildings even the weights and cords must be reinstated. In less sensitive buildings a more modern spring system can be used, if required.

“Heritage” slimline PVC sash windows

While not having the ‘look and feel’ of timber, the new generation of slimline PVC sash windows certainly improve on the sad PVC window image of yesterday. You can clearly see this in these ‘before and after’ photos: the left picture is of a timber original Victorian window (in Dublin) and the right picture is its “Heritage” PVC replacement.

Aluminium sash windows

We supply aluminium sash windows mainly to the commercial market, particularly where a specifier has a preference for that material and also where colour choice is required.

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