Draught Proofing

As traditional sash windows are an essential feature of old period buildings, it is very important to retain them, both from as aesthetic point of view and because of the value they add to such period properties.

The most common request sashwindows.ie receive is to have old sash windows converted to double glazed sash windows.  While this is often possible, it normally transpires that the real cause of discomfort is the flow of cold air into the rooms, between the sashes and the frames along with the usual rattles.  When this is stopped by draught proofing the windows, the comfort level rises dramatically, just as the fuel bills go down.

It can’t be stressed enough that, of the total heat being lost out through a sash window, approximately 85% of it is due to draughts, while the glass is only responsible for a maximum of 15% of the heat loss.

External Doors

Modern doors have efficient draught excluders incorporated into the frame during manufacture, which work very well. However, it is very difficult to prevent draughts in old doors. Weather strips, whether stick-on or screw-on, don’t work very well. Using the techniques learned from working on sash windows, we have also found a way of fitting a modern draught exclusion system onto old exterior doors, with equally impressive results. This requires us taking the door off its hinges, making a narrow groove in the frame, adjusting the locks and re-hanging the door. We also fit a new threshold. This work normally takes about one day for two men.

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